James Metz Photos

About James Metz Photos


      James Metz has owned and operated
James Metz Photos in Norwich, New York,  
 since 1979.  During that time,
he has photographed thousands of individuals and  he has successfully produced many professional photographic images and unique products.

      James Metz's photography remains fresh and creative because he is continually evolving and improving his photographic skill to remain in the very forefront of today's portraiture and professional photographic techniques.  He is a leader, not a follower, and his work demonstrates his professional skills.

       James Metz is also one of the most professional photography's sought-after instructors--his keynote presentations as a guest speaker at many professional photography meetings across New York State are continually rated "very worthwhile" by the members present.

       James Metz is an expert in providing a large collection of technical skills to individualize your portrait.  He is also a master of the art of making you feel comfortable and relaxed during your session.  This is a gift that few photographers take the time to develop as
James Metz has.  You'll love his style to enhance your portrait so that it becomes a cherished, life-long memory.



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